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Transcript Proofreading 

Court reporters are required to do SO much – record, scope, proof – and let’s face it, sometimes things just get overlooked, even among the best reporters. Let me help ease your burden! 

Transcript Proofreading Services

Legal transcripts, including depositions, EUOs, and court proceedings, will be scrutinized with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Using court reporter preferences, style guides, and industry standard reference materials, I’ll review each body of work for:

  • Spelling errors or inconsistencies

  • Punctuation

  • Correct word usage

  • Missing or transposed words

  • Date/name/exhibit number verification

  • Accuracy of all legal/medical/technical terminology

  • Cultural syntax and meanings in interpreted sessions

I use the following references materials and guidelines for my work, but will use your client preference if something else is required:

  • National Court Reporters Association Guidelines

  • Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, by Margie Wakeman Wells

  • The Gregg Reference Manual, by William A. Sabin

  • The Merriam-Webster Dictionary



New clients receive the first 10 pages free!

Transcript Proofreading Rate Sheet  

Standard turnaround: 48-72 hours

Rush turnaround: 24-48 hours

Same day expedited turnaround: < 24 hours

Immediate turnaround: < 12 hours

Large jobs (200+ pages) may require longer turnaround times. Rates based on 25 lines or less per page. Fees increase with lines per page. Required transcript submission format is PDF. Adobe Reader is required to see all completed annotated marks.

Service Provided










“Messy” (over 75% pages need correcting)


Submissions heavy with legal/medical/technical terms


Transcript Proofreading Process

Step 1: Contact me via contact form or email with job proposal and details, such as deadlines and special requirements

Step 2: Complete my supplied preference sheet, provide in-house style guide, provide finished corrected sample (if applicable)

Step 3: Email clean PDF

Step 4: Receive acknowledgment from me of job parameters, deadlines, and agreed upon billing rates and payment schedule

Step 5: Corrections and annotations marked on the PDF

Step 6: Only corrected pages emailed in return. (Errata sheet substitution may be submitted on request.)  If requested, all pages will be returned.

Step 7: New clients: Invoice sent upon completion; final payment due within two weeks of invoice date. (No other work accepted until first payment received.)

Repeat clients: Invoice sent within 30 days of project completion; final payment due within two weeks of invoice.

Late fees: Payments not received by due date will be considered late and a 10% late fee will be added for each month missed

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