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General Proofreading

General Proofreading Services

Why do you need a professionally trained proofreader to review your writing, especially when there are online tools such as spell-check? (Did you know that you could use either ‘spell-check’ or ‘spellcheck’? I’m going with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary recommendation.) The English language is nuanced, tricky, and ever-changing, meaning you need someone trained to spot all the inconsistencies and subtle differences an online tool might miss. You need someone who knows the difference between a homophone, a homonym, and a homograph. And you definitely need someone who will go through your content with a fine-tooth comb. (Did you know that some say ‘fine-toothed comb’? Again, I’m going with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.)

I’ll conduct general proofreading services for works of fiction, online content, dissertations/academic materials, and/or technical writing, including the following corrections:

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Spelling

  • Consistent word usage

  • Attention to pronouns

  • Point-of-view consistency

  • Table of contents, diagrams/tables/figures, page/chapter number verification

I use the following references materials and guidelines for my work, but will use your client preference if something else is required:

  • The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  • Chicago Manual of Style

  • APA Style Guidelines

  • MLA Style Guidelines

  • AP Style Guideline



General Proofreading Rate Sheet  

  • Preferred proofreading format is work submitted in PDF and using iAnnotate to mark corrections

  • Other formats that may be requested: Microsoft Word Track Changes feature and Google Docs Suggesting feature

  • Will consider other client requirements for formats as needed

  • Turnaround time will depend on length and difficulty of the document

  • Prices may increase for rush or expedited turnaround times

Service Provided

Dissertation proofreading

Academic materials/textbooks proofreading

Technical writing proofreading

Website/Online content proofreading 

Fiction proofreading







General Proofreading Process  

Step 1: Contact me via email with job proposal and details, such as deadlines and style preferences

Step 2: Complete my supplied preference sheet, provide your in-house style guide, provide finished corrected sample (if applicable)

Step 3: Email clean PDF (Work may be submitted in partial “chunks” as needed)

Step 4: Receive acknowledgment from me of job parameters, deadlines, and billing rates

Step 5: My corrections and annotations will be marked on the PDF

Step 6: Corrected pages will be emailed in return. (Entire document, including non-corrected pages, may be submitted on request.)

Step 7: New clients: Invoice sent upon completion; final payment due within two weeks of invoice date. (No other work accepted until first payment received.)

Repeat clients: Invoice sent within 30 days of project completion; final payment due within two weeks of invoice.

Late fees: Payments not received by due date will be considered late and a 10% late fee will be added for each month missed

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